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In the fierce competition among Chinese shoe With abundant labor, a complete industrial chain and other resources, has a strong christianlouboutin competitive price, and affordable products is to obtain a global warm welcome, within a certain range of Chinese shoes occupy a significant market share. But because of this, Chinese shoe by many foreign competitors exclusion, anti-dumping and other trade protection measures followed after another, facing the potential of the global market, the shoe caught in a dilemma. In addition to actively responding to protect the legitimate rights and interests outside the shoe should also continue to grow its overall competitive strength, seize the opportunity of the times, in order to truly achieve a strong rise. Now, with China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of 锟 shoes louboutin he official launch, undoubtedly opened up a new space for those who are subjected to the impact of trade protectionism, the Chinese shoe, by the world's largest free trade zone, the shoe-Oriented the broader market areas, can reduce the difficulty of access to international markets, accelerate the growth of trade between Asian countries and to reduce the major export markets in Europe and America dependence, to avoid the louboutin shoes for women continuation of trade friction. While in the case of domestic production costs rising, Chinese shoe advantage is shrinking, through the use of a free trade zone beneficial resources that can enhance the competitive strength of shoe.

greatly enhance profitability, consolidating strong market position. And because the ASEAN countries and China are geographically close, habits similar reasons, subject to a certain extent, Chinese shoes in the ASEAN market and favor high-profile, coupled with simplified customs procedures and other favorable factors, China's exports are expected to significantly shoes upgrade, thereby obtaining a good strategic opportunity for development. Throughout christian louboutin heels all of this, it seems that the ASEAN market is China shoe blessed both ways, but after the field trips and practice, the situation is not so optimistic, as O'Connell and other common problems encountered by enterprises, the shoe you want in this market segment smooth sailing grow, you need to use a global discount christian louboutin long-term vision will produce predictable obstruction, and to develop early warning program to protect against the risk of changing market situation. For the Chinese shoe export-oriented.

it should conduct a comprehensive survey of the market research, select geographical foothold with larger resources, a good understanding of the local working hours, salary requirement and other basic content is a necessary prerequisite investment in factories conditions, but also louboutin outlet to analyze the degree of risk is within the acceptable range of corporate, commercial costing conduct careful and make full use of all favorable policies, concern of the international market economy conditions and processes, to adjust and change the strategic plan. Then, the shoe needs to build a strong independent, starting from the target market, to make the right product positioning, according to consumer demand to develop high-quality products to ensure marketable products and introduce advanced concepts.

advanced technology, the use of science and technology innovation and increase the added value of products, get rid of the price advantage as the main means to dominate louboutin shoes sale the market, to enhance international competitiveness. Through a variety of marketing strategies to stimulate consumer demand, and continue to improve sales channels, and some brokers have the strength as a partner, with maintaining a high degree of close relations, sales of the product. Gradually establish a brand image, enhance the strength of the shoe, from the culture of consumer satisfaction and loyalty to stabilize the shoe brand's market position. Of course, the shoe also need to louboutin shoes women set up a strong team of professionals to ensure that all work can be successfully completed, boosting the shoe steady progress on the road to development. Indeed, the ASEAN market filled with countless opportunities, is China shoe broad road to the international market this shortcut, but also full of unknown changes, and only continue to louboutin sneakers adapt to this situation shoe, to defuse the crisis to be successful! Please keep the news source article reprint: Station West urban network, the world's large[Station West City Network -] Ren somewhat embarrassed, he wore a pair of & ldquo; & rdquo ;, Adidas, which issued a walking & ldquo; quack, quack & rdquo; sounds, and three-year-old child wearing that species will be called very similar. Ren Adidas shoes in the East Plaza, near the East-sports shop to spend 400 yuan to buy. Mr Yam said: & ldquo; buy when there is no wear on the first day this phenomenon, two days before any of this sounds. I went to the store to find a salesperson, ask for replacement, the salesperson said: This is not the christian louboutin shoes quality of the shoes. As to why there is the sound of a shoe salesperson can not exactly explain. I'm an advertising personnel, and customers often have to deal with.